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The Dreaded Serpent.

The slithering snake  causes a fear,

As it hisses and heaves in the rear,

Pushing  out its tongue in a ghastly cheer,

The snake moves stealthily  over the steer.


Gliding across the sandy trowels,

The serpent sheds its skin in the shovels,

 It effortlessly races ahead of all levels,

Gobbling the  frog in an unexpected  shrivel.


The caught shudders  and wrenches,

Unaware of its fate in the trenches,

The other frogs  jump over the bunches,

Forcing an escape from the serpent’s clutches.


Serpents, if beaten ,cast a spell,

As the Hindu mythology  tries to tell,

It rings  an unbelievable bell,

Blind faith ,at times , creates a hell.