The Spirit To Conquer — Ahimsa

has been a part of us
all through, no matter
whatever it is,
be an argument,
a controversy, a war.

The ongoing spread
a mysterious virus
emanating from China
attacks the world
with unknown strength.

Baffled in a sense,
shocked to the core
with fear writ large
the world turns desperate,
experience an uneasiness,

exists for a short time,
undaunted races of different origin
rise up with a determination
to combat the deadly spread,
an unexpected process takes wings,

the countries go for a lock down,
absolute isolation, keeping off
from the roads, from the sky,
living at home, become a code of choice,
could be one of compulsion too.

This weapon, similar to ahimsa
not harming anyone, one of self discipline,
creates a platform for the battle
against Corona virus, A kind of immolation,
where the self is offered as a sacrifice.

While the medical world researches
the invincible mind takes the cudgels
finds ways and means, manoeuvres,
negotiates turns and curves, desirous
to conquer. We will, for sure!