No Regrets

it is been an engagement
fixed a week back,
one in a cordial note,
mutual and informal.

The fixed date approaches
arrangements all made
sweets and dry fruits
in silver dishes,

painstakingly picked
for the occasion
covered with embroidered

an elaborate lunch
soup in a bowl
with fritters, steamed rice,
broth and veggies,

fries and pappads
prepared meticulously,
dessert in the freezer
wait for the guests.

No sign of them till noon,
while the folk at home
waiting to join them
remain hungry,

setting aside the sensitiveness
she calls to find
they have not started
hears apologies

she withdraws to her room
not out of indignation
but frustration that
keeps her down,

she lies on the floor
controlling her seething
emotions, her eyes close
sleep embraces.