The Lock Down

through the world
placing a quarter
in isolation, unheard of
in recent times.
Stay at home, stay safe
the mantra keep
us in fear.Unwise of us
to break the rule, toe with
the order to lead a life
laid back.

The twenty one day curfew
with only essentials on board,
vehicular traffic turns a skeleton,
The order is of a significance
worthy and one of great merit.
if not for the scare it causes.
The outgoing people
find strange to be indoors.
No way to escape.

The world counts the days
One day gone they say
with a sigh. Likewise
the rest of the days will unfold
and close. Endurance is
a virtue.Conquering the virus
is the need of the hour.
Let us march towards the goal
with renewed vigour and determination.