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Residue Behind

What do you call residue?

Is it the sediment undue ?

Is it the leftover purview?

Is it the last deed review?


Thousands throng the mind,

Hundreds  cross the find.

Tens cover the hind,

Ones and twos  bind.



The lively  particles that remain,

In the  human brain,

Is called a  fine train,

Of thoughts and reign.



The  stain that sticks ,

In the receptacle quick

Is  called  a  stubborn  lick,

Of  colour and stink.



The river flows with ease,

Leaving the residue to tease,

The quick-witted move with grace,

Letting the ignorant  to trace.



There is a movement always,

In spite of the stifling ways,

There is a momentum thrice,

In place of inaction tries.


A forward push is most  welcome.

Leaving the residual laggards  home.

Thus bearing a  countenance of   aplomb

To befit a heroic outcome