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Will Age Stand By?

Only your parents will live for you,

But your  friend will  wait for you,

While your spouse will  go by you,

Mostly your children will   quicken you,

But ,will  your age stand by you?

As age waits for none

It transforms young one

Into a matured  run,

Again it transfers an old tone.

To the  greying prone.

As the clock strikes one,

The hours go by one,

While the morn  slides to none,

The day is counted as one.

Allowing  the intervals  to relish in  fun.

Days  add up to  make months twelve

Which again calculates the  year well,

Sensing a calculation  to swell,

The years  cast  a shell,

Causing an eventual  bell.

Lest we live along,

Forgetting the years long,

Measuring seriously a small furlong ,

Forgetting the miles before long,

That at end  will traduce a fallacious song.

Age runs s miles ahead,

Waiting for none to tread,

Marching ahead of  the thread.

Racing away from the blood,

Deceiving everyone like a flood.