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Recoils And Relapses

There  is a saying ,

That goes with age,

That prevails at all times,

That pervades all through,

That is true till  today

“Do not  beat a snake,

Unless it stings you”



Snakes never bite you,

Unless you meddle with them

So  it is you,

Who is more vicious,

Who is more venomous,

Than the serpent.



As you interrupt the snake,

So you intervene with your counterparts,

The snake attacks with a vengeance,

Mangling your existence,

The fellow strikes  with a sweep,

Destroying your reputation.



It may be Man or Snake,

The revenge is the same.

The harm you do,

Looms large more at you,

Than over the target,

Making you null and void.



This is what happens,

When you  unnecessarily  talk,

When you spread slanders,

Giving way to dark deceits,

While at the most unexpected  time,

It recoils  and relapses on you