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This Way

Taking a road less traversed,

Is sometimes most frightful.

Going by a path most used,

Is all times less painful.



Not all times we can cross,

With much comfort,

Most times we have to pause,

With less effort.



Going over may look easy,

But it has its own fear,

Getting into may appear crazy,

But cause lot of tear.



Someone points this way,

We turn  with hope,

The other one cries that way,

We are off the slope.




How to take a decision?

Is a fancy many undergo,

Most come to a conclusion,

Saying it is right ho!



Still there are others,

Waiting to jump,

Cuddling in borrowed feathers,

Withholding  a desire plump.




It is this way,

We have to go,

Then go the way,

Along with the flow.