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Solicitor Swears By Satan

I know a senior solicitor ,

Who is truly a navigator,

From the promising   oath,

Taken on the Bible.

He argues not in court,

But in hs official fort,

Reads the minds of clients,

Gleefully catches the ignorant



Listing out his daily calls,

He works out a clause,

As whom should he

Fool  the day.



He  summons the rich naive,

Speaks volumes of praise,

Flattering him to levels,

With  high praise and  distractions.




The clumsy  conceited   man,

Believes his words to the full,

Acts by wielding his strength,

Of unfair money and exclusive rights.




The solicitor designs schemes,

To deprive the  birthrights,

Of a sibling who honours ,

Truth and justice.



The two hand and glove,

Think that they are above,

Hoarding  other’s funds,

By deceit and manoeuver.




The solicitor and the ignorant,

Coaxed by false security,

Make a grand depository,

Of funds  not their own.




A professional cheat be he,

Swearing on the holy scriptures,

Wrongs each and every one,

Unaware of the final trial.




The last call is very near,

As the solicitor is in  his twilight ,

Wish he and his  pet  be thrashed by,

The  eventuality of destiny.