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Somehow- A Compromise.

There was a huge gathering,

There was a great excitement,

Almost pushing everyone ,

To the grand staging

Of a mediocre recital,

Delivered by a powerful family,

Strong in politics,

Stronger in finance,

Strongest in atrocity,

Commanding all  in one go,

Throwing out wealth in one sway,

Challenging anyone who came by way,

Posing an imperious array,

While the performance began,

With an  incorrigible  rhythm,

There appeared a writhing discomfort,

As the recital went  halfway

The cadence broke loose,

There seemed to be a forced silence,

The   forced thrill died down,

The uncomfortable audience bowed down,

In shame of their participation,

In disgust  of their inability to oppose,

Yet the performer was at ease,

Rendering  a jarring   melody .

Somehow things go on,

Knowingly or unknowingly,

Ordinarily or extraordinarily,

Meekly or authoritatively,

Pleasantly or unpleasantly,

The world goes on.