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Oh!It Is A Bud.

On the dais a beautiful bud ,

In yellow and red was placed,

Up  on the podium with a green stalk,

Posing a preamble to the talk,

Featuring a   controversial  issue.

Picking  the Green subject,

As the convention’s target.

The  guests were put to a resolution.

Of keeping the environment  in a high  estimation.



Promoting  an essential significance.

Elucidating the risk of carbon emissions,

The speakers  gave recommendations,

To minimise the ejections,

By resorting to  traditional  activities ,

Proposing a  valid solutions.



Most buds do blossom.

Into a beautiful flower,

Certain others do die ,

Into the damp mud.

And perish .



Most ideas get lifted ,

And are  converted into ideals,

Few others sink into oblivion,

Disappear with the years,

And die.



Every thing is like a bud,

A chance to win,

Is but  an opportunity.

A frightening set back,

Is but a destiny.

In success and failure,

It is more so.

In life and death,

It is most so.

Oh! It is a bud.