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It is God’s Will

It is a usual day,

With a gay morn,

When an unexpected call,

Disturbed the whole lot,

By breaking the monotony

Much to the chagrin of many,

Putting me in a state of surprise,


Unable to understand the relevance,

Unfit to equate the claim,

Unresolved to accept the duty,

I lay astonished,

I could not gather,

What it is all about?



While I was  shunned by my family,

While I was deprived of my rights,

When I was cheated of my share,

I find myself entrusted ,

With a great responsibility,

Which surpasses  that  which I am denied


When my due was pulled from me,

This largesse falls on my lap,

While I am treated mercilessly,

This trust in me holds me  high

As the family made me an outlaw,

The society has conferred an encomium.



I still cannot believe,

It is beyond my comprehension,

It sounds strange,

Yet it is true,

How did it happen? I question

It is God’s will ,I conclude.