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Man And Animals

The nature of Man,

Is a bundle of thorn.

Pricking with animosity,

Prattling  with enmity,

Keeping  cordiality at bay.



The nature of animals,

Is a pack of formats,

Attacking with force

Nestling  with close,

Meeting a  decorum   both ways.



Man slips like a fish,

While fish swim steady,

Man betrays like a fox,

While  foxes  come out ready,

When the need  dawns



Man is like a snake,

Whilst the snake  stings,

While insisting safety

He  spews venom  at all,

Unmindful of the ignominy.




Man  and elephant  look,

Similar in emotions,

But  the elephant strikes mad  at times,

Man hurls and hits all times,

Establishing a  lunacy firm.



Animals express love,

In terms of truth,

Man disposes love,

In terms of falsities,

Exposing his gaudy  colour.



As he is  unfaithful,

Forgetting his donors,

Forgetful of the patronage,

Impulsive  and incorrigible,

Darning the veil of impertinence.