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Life Well-Meant.

It  is a six month here,

It is a six month there,

Finds me in fear,

Puts me in tear.


Sometime I am here,

Sometime I am there,

Most time I  fear,

I am nowhere.


Happening at the brink,

When I am  about to shrink,

While I  am apprehensive to link,

Force you to blink.


However,I carry on,

As days roll on,

While I stumble to fall on,

Hoping to thrive on.


It is a struggle to put up.

But that is how I am up.

Leading a life messed up,

With all things  mixed up.


Good comes steadily,

Bad rushes hastily,

The best  settles slowly,

The bad vanishes fastly.


This is the lesson I learnt

In no school I went,

But find in all corners I hunt,

Where living is well-meant.