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An Ode To The Sun

Oh!the sun is bright and shining.

As its rays  are  blinding,

While its  warmth is scorching,

It is totally burning.




Lo!The humidity experienced  is killing,

As the perspiration felt  is  exacting,

While the fatigue underwent  is stifling,

The thirst caused  is devastating.



Advancing into the torrid zone,

Bereft of a milder ozone,

Depriving the environ,

Of its assuaging Torrence.




The Sun plays an active role.

In deepening the parole,

Leading to a destructive  hole,

Over the earth’s soul.



Riding through the arid  desert,

The sweltering heat destroys the best,

That is least found in the crest,

Of the forbidden nest.



Crossing over a bridge  high and low,

Find a river devoid of a flow,

Posing a sandy glow,

That makes the heart slow.



There seems to  be a tepid temper,

Creating an arrogant terror,

Disquieting a possible leveler,

Bringing forth a terrible murder.


The unbearable heat and sweat,

Renders a style of fever and fret,

Calls for a turn and twist,

To end up the sulk and sordid.



Will the rain clouds gather?

To relieve an uneasy lather,

Thus bring about a sweet charmer ,

In the form of a gusty rain.