Poetry rejoice steadfast.

The Way Back Home

The long drive home

cross  over rivers

a ride over fly- overs

a stop at  the toll

a halt at junctions

a slow down in traffic

a sweep when free

a pleasure in  a quietude

the thoroughfare on one  end

the  serenity at the other

go I with an insatiable drive

I should be home in an hour

my sweet home beckons with a smile

being away by only a few milesdrive back home

the desire jumps out in strength

the love of home is a treasure

it being a great wealth

inexpressible in its delineation

a fascination that clings to me steadfast

I would be there in no time

makes me rejoice with glee.

delusion Poetry

Noise Pollution —A Delusion

It is a cacophony

deafening terribly

like to lock the ears

wish to run away in fear

keeps on haunting all through

the sound turns one to blue

hapless and hopeless I stand

unable to move out from the band

others enjoy the din to the full

noise has become a way of life

the honk, the blare, the blast

all immerse the environ fast

term it noise pollution

anyhow it is a delusion.cacophony