matter. Poetry song thorn

LIfe IS Full.

Life seems to be full

roses and dahlias in all

beautiful so far and long

thorns  exist no wrong.

Life seems to be full

apples and oranges in all

sweet  so far and long

bitterness found no wrong.

Life seems to be full

incidents  and happenings in all

genuine so far and long

deceit  is seen through nothing wrong.

That be life in full

sweet and sour in all

sincere and insincere  so far and long

elusive perhaps nothing wrong.

Life mixes and churns

go on and off without a burn

should we not turn?

nay, let us learn.

Life teaches in a song

the good and bad for long

pay attention with a hope

endurance is  the scope.bed of roses

Looks Poetry Sly

The Aspirations

The reach is too high

perched upon the sky

yet attempt, a try

not with a shy

could see the looks sly

cast around with a pry

ignore says the mind

hesitates the heart in a bind

the mind overcomes with a find

treachery halts one to a grind

shun it and go ahead in the stride.treachery