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Sad In A Shuttle

sadSad, an antithesis of glad

a shock leaves one sad

a loss makes one grieve

a feel very difficult to  believe

sadness leads to a deviation

you go into  a depression

sad is a part of life they say

never would that be I pray

the sun and  the moon appear all the same

day and night  go about in a game

good and bad exist in the same plane

rich and poor live in the same lane

sadness does enter at the unexpected time

places you in a not so rhythmic chime

happens to all you be not an exception

face it with a brave heart with no deception

overcome it with a stoicism in the go

tears would drown you in their flow

pour out your panic in full fledge

the heart becomes lighter  in a pledge

forget the episode as the days fly

sadness would leave you in a fly.

elegant Poetry simple sweet

Stylish –In The Saddle.

stylishBeing elegant as always

chiselled and swift in ways

a personality in a trend

stylish be it called

the one who is so

looks great in the go

pleasant and cool as  it is

subtle and strong be it a bliss

dressed  with no gaudiness

move with a tenderness

the eyes being kind

with no trace of evil in the find

the heart pure with no thoughts  ill

on the whole a being of no evil

comes like a gentle breeze

attired in clothes creased

speaks so sweet and with content

voice not raised at any context

firm and straight in the words

at any cost takes not the sword

a beautiful creation and an exalted human

stylish be the word to describe the man.