flow glow likewise Poetry

Likewise The Device,

deviceLikewise, it has been so

all the more in the go

edgewise it happens to be so

could come with a blow

energise  with a flow

could you say no

digitalise with a know

as on with a toe

the device turns on in slow

finally switches on with a glow.

grace place. Poetry tomorrow yesterday

The Days In Place.

daysIt is a different day

that too of all the days

could be today

might be yesterday

a day before yesterday

a day after  of all days

as I feel all days

assign to varied ways

they pass with a grace

each one has no trace

they seem to phase

come and strike the face

well, that is how it is in a chase

forces everyone to race

keeps them mostly in a daze

while the nights are in  a haze

the sun rises with its bright rays

more or less it happens in all places.