meaningless. Poetry random

At Random —- Haiku

Night is still

it is a steep hill

an expensive bill.

IIrrelevant this sounds

encompass them without a bound

happens all around.

What is it?

it being a filed writ

nothing would fit.

definitions enthuse. meaning Poetry

The “S” Series.

A series on words

“S” being the first letter

had gone through for some time

the words are not conclusive

they be the ones that came to my mind

be important to me at the open

could seem trivial to others as they reopen

I dealt  with those qualities  at random

the merits and demerits  I fathom

the definitions  and meanings are vast

handled them with what little I know

certain of my interpretations found a welcome

others were not that much responsive

yet I continued with a stroke

have covered a small section without a break

could carry on with an enthuse

the poetic muse should enter my thoughts

enable me to go without any sought.

eulogise Poetry strength sullen

Solemn—— Stately As it Is

Solemn and sullen he is

attentive and focused he is

never a word out of context

never gets angered at the behest

a man of means and matter

talks not in a flatter

the man is of great strength

to him and  to his kin in length

could rely on him at times of need

not engages in extraneous deeds

thoughtful and helpful at all times

not do I eulogise him for any benefit

I know not him personally a bit

he is a person you can trust

does not leave anything to rust

hard to find such men and their calibre

he is one such who would take you across the river

solemn is the apt word to describe him

he who surfaces from the dim.