Poet poison sweet nothings. talkative

Sweet –A Ramble.

Sweet goes the word

sweet in the name

sweet in  the looks

sweet to taste

sweet being relative

holds many a thing imaginative

a general term though it sounds

is abreast with a lot of connotations

nice in the appearance

pleasant in the looks

cordial in behaviour

so on and so forth

sweet be the uses of adversity too

at last a thorn in the bush

comes to my mind with a push

there are two sides to the coin

the good and the bad

the great and the worse

sweet be no exception

too much of it turns bitter

too much  of sweet becomes a poison

so the saying goes

evil does command sweet actions

a treachery on the way

well, I am very talkative nowadays

rambling over the sweet nothings.sweet


fenced. grim Poetry

The Bloody Thirst.

The scenario looks grim

the exodus is unprecedented

chances to get into Europe is dim

the borders have been closed

some countries have even fenced

the migrants know not where to go

stand they with children in arms

many a child starve and die

a pathetic sight all through

a gruelling experience on the whole

man deceives man for power

man cheats man for money

man goes to any extent

would kill even at times

a bloody thirst  unsatiated

happens not now

from times immemorial

the run across the countries

through the continents

over the oceans  and mountains

a mindless massacre of physic and mental

all seen through with naked eyes Hungary