ground mountains mundane Poetry rose sky

Scene ——- A Startle.

The imagination goes beyond

rises from the ground

up it flies into the sky

a jolly good fly

it travels and speeds

hovering over all leads

colourful it strikes

beautiful I like

the “scene” is a what I mean

encompasses all the green

it incites and provokes

it ignites and invokes

the portrait is so grand

the sketch depicts a band

above each and every  slide

the scenes move in a glide

the rose and the pansies

dance along with the daisies

the trees huge and large

magnify and enlarge

the child so cute and gay

keeps you at bay

the imperious mountains rise and fall

they enact a peculiar call

could be an invite into their arms

a peep into their  charm

enters there the most mundane

the traffic not so sane

the vehicles ply up and down

a frenzy that keeps us all  brown

a distraction it is all through

ties all of us in a fasten most true

that be the scene true in spirit

the rejoice of the senses in a brose, pansies and daisiesit

the “scene ” has been brought to effect

feel I have illustrated them in words most perfect.

a sense

depth focus holds insight Poetry

Still——-A Prattle.

pygmyparComes the word “still”

another word in the “S” series

how often misunderstood?

how often taken  lightly?

still waters run deep

goes the maxim  in course

“still” is impregnant with a lot

being one of quiet

very frequently cared in length

as the ocean  poses to be still

so do the rivers and weather

a premonition to a turbulence

a serenity that betrays

a quietude that penetrates

excites a fear and an apprehension

still may refer to lighter incidents too

being that of a postponement

one that of a delay in the anvil

still it has not happened

an expression indicating a procrastination

still a long way to go

informs an expectation in the go

so  much so about “still”

a five letter word holds a deep insight

requires a  scrutiny and an in-depth study

perhaps a research  is a need

each word though small or big

retains a fund of connotations

powerful and meaningful

an examination be the cause.

attitude behaviour Poetry

Smart———A Rattle

Smart be another word

in the S series

a little  focused than sweet

being one of behaviour

could be of the attitude too

with many suffixes and affixes

the best being “street smart”

till now unable to understand

what could it be? in the term

have a hazy comprehension

could negotiate the traffic surely

could it be a reconciliation of the chaotic

not too much definite what could it be

use it like others frequently

the other point being the cleverness

a smart child or person

whoever might be in the run

acts quickly and sharply

understands as much as possible

executes with a direction

would that person be addressed smart

hope I have done  justice to the word  “smart”

Am I not smart?smart_parenting_xxi_07