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The Advice I Breached ——-An Intimate Story

It was a decade back, I think so

chaotic it was on that day

remember it was a Pongal day

a call early morning woke me that day.

I heard of a disaster early in the morning

my parents got marooned in their home in the morning

the police were around for reasons known early in the morning

demanding them to pay the cotton dues so early in the morning.

My brother called me and spoke worriedly

bade me come at once to the place hurriedly

I broke down and cried bitterly

shaken almost to the core really.

My husband and sons came to my rescue

comforted me as much as they could in a view

saying,  nothing unceremonious is due

quietened me and cleared my mind off the blue.

The phone rang continuously

my brother pleaded me to come immediately

I stood helplessly all the more shaking vigorously

my heart fluttered intermittently.

My husband intruded at that time

kindly told me not to panic  this time

your presence would not be needed during the time

thinking for a while I acceded gracefully this time.

It was the other way in a short period

the third call from  my brother  serious

snapped  my resolution into pieces

I dashed   knowing not I would be torn into pieces.

I stood dumbfounded as I entered

the police had encircled

my father was deeply disturbed

not to say about my poor mother.

I rushed to them sobbing

the police detained me by pushing

I took my mother in  my arms tightly

only to be cursed by my father acrimoniously.

Know not why my father was furious all through

I consoled my mother and caressed her all through

much to the chagrin of my dad very untrue

who  stared at me with anger with rye.

Even then my love for them was out of bounds

I did not mind my dad’s thoughts  in the bound

I approached the Officers  with a prayer and a bond

begged them to let the couple free from the round.

The stranger be the Official, I am not familiar

listened to me with a patience very similar

would have conceded to my pleas in a similar

if not for my father’s interruption very unfamiliar.

The Police officer  could not understand the status

the father accusing a daughter hocuspocus

his reasons being baseless and bogus

took me aside and  forced me to go  from the focus.

That day saw the end of my relationship with my dad

it might sound incredible and bad

my husband whisked me away as quick as possible all sad

my sons followed us  with heads held high in a way glad.

The brother who called  in so many tries

did not come at the time of the crisis

he was behind the curtains literally  shy

perhaps it was his plot to trap  me.

I do not blame him or my  other siblings

nor do I accuse my parents of their inklings

it was my folly that has brought this foreboding

well, I could never forget the day to my husband

Entirely away from my parents for the rest of my days

I sought relief in my own family through the days

if only I had listened to my husband that day

I would have been celebrated all the days.

It is destiny my heart cries.

it is impertinence my mind points out.

Whatever it was I was shattered

never could a father behave so atrocious.

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Simple ——– Not A Boggle

simpleSimple as it seems

a word used so often

does not gleam

entails a soften

simple a logarithmic expression

controls too many an impression

could never indicate a repercussion

always denotes a progression

simple could you be

could your manners be

as all include the  tone ordinary

bereft of glamour extraordinary

the talk encompasses plain words

the behaviour boards

a cordiality  in a solicit

a kindliness in the light

a no nonsense type

nothing snobbish in the pipe

spontaneous and regular

graceful and not one of vigour

a lively person in the go

could be found with a bow

an affability  is seen all through

no inhibitions in true

that be to a person

could be ascribed to others too

be in a scenery  pure and pretty

the one that provokes a gaiety

noticed in a writing plain and straight

a living graceful and bright

bereft of ostentatious and gaudiness

simple is a strain having a mild resonance