gain. Health Poetry Wealth

A Grandiloquence

Rare it is to think off

be it, anyone without a scoff

could be your forefathers in a row

not thought of all the days though

called now for personal gains

hoping high it would rain

benefits like a storm

overwhelming in all forms

causes could be many in the anvil

might be apparently trivial

that be one of a  prospective alliance

refer also to a windfall in its radiance

direct very much to health and longevity

never for the remembrance solely

while a good turn towards fellow human

a kind word to  an elderly man

a smile on the face always

a loving heart expresses with grace

a grandiloquence displayed all the more

would keep the world well ashore.padaippu

bounteous difference Poetry

My Sons

I swim across

not on an ocean

I swim across

not  over a river

I swim across

not through a lake

I swim across

not against the tide

I swim across

I wade through

I struggle all along

braving all odds

deviating from the fraud

pushing through  without fear

brushing aside the tears

caused by the near and dear

I might look like King Lear

with a difference not mere

he be the father there

I am the daughter here

he would have felt a benevolence

bounteous from his parents in reference

I  experience a care untold and unseen

lavish and great  from my sons unforeseen

that be the bliss I enjoy all through

let be it perennial and always true.learbklov