overwhelms Poetry reference

A Sensation

Singing with melody

writing with intensity

reading with  love

makes one to bow

a singularly great task

each be in stock

mellifluous and rapturous

interesting and gorgeous

inviting and intrinsic

plurally very charismatic

each be in a reference

the sensationsong overwhelms  the presence

the content instigates a purpose

the read designates a proposal

goes the song and write

with the read all bright

an ebullience hitherto

a sensation in the go.

deceit foul Poetry

Fair Being Beautiful

Fair is a beautiful word

fair in all ways

fair by all means

a literary of the fairest of all

a metaphoric of the exactness in all

could carry a strategic reference

with a justifiable occurrence

when fair and foul plays the wind

fair and foul happen everywhere in all kinds

as long has been the delay in  settle the score

the strange sudden  thought of fair interrupts

lands up in a phase of uneasiness with a disrupt

well, patience, as you know has an endurance

when put to  a test curls up with a reluctance

the mind  deciphers the deceit well beyond

falls into a dissolution unable to negotiate  further.fair a beautiful word