Beauty delight glow mankind Poetry

The Moon Glows

Landing on the moon

the man fell in a swoon

for mankind it is a boon

an achievement  in tune

a small step to him

a giant leap to his team

the world looked with awe

as he took the moon stone raw

an enthrall it was to all

as he blew the whistle in a call

well, moon holds a delight

displays a pristine blue flawless sight

it is an adventerous episode

which still rolls out a holdThArmstrong

many more explorations have followed

yet the initial one rocks with a glow.

effort phase phrase Poetry weird.

Time And Again

Time and again is a phrase

uttered in a phase

seems to be a loathe

wrapped up in  a clothe

a usage with a soreness

a deploy with no freshness

time and again we say

the same happening  goes

without much difference in rows

we  shirk with a dissatisfaction

not to involve in such  action

seems like a weird effort

time and again is a fret.time and again