beige paint Poetry

The Age Old Biege —- Steeped In Tradition

courtallamHouse becomes a home 

when you love it

grows aplomb

when you live in it

incites a lively roam

within it

the  attachment  towards home

increases bit by bit.

The home I live

a sprawling one  as such

is a lovely give

a gift from my mother with a touch

you might believe

she be too generous as much

she did not deceive

at least in this  too much.

Almost in it for  three decades and half

I have become one with it in all

the pleasant colours on the walls  laugh

they  come out with a reliable call

I look through the minute details with a cough

as I scrutinise the cracks on the wall

they be not magnified but small and not tough

I walk  past satisfied  in all.

It is time to paint the exterior and interior as well

I talk to myself  loudly

the paint has started to fade slowly in a tell

I reminisce rather faintly

the doors and windows need a refurbish as well

I jot down the fields diligently

it would cost me a fortune I recollect the past as well

I calculate the expenses rightly.

I think of the colours and themes

a good combination to work along

I do, redo and redeem

as if I am composing a song

it is a task  requiring a seam

a uniformity gradual not too long

I contemplate the whole day referring the themes

finally, strike  the age old Beige  as strong.

The theme would match my home so beautifully

being a structure where tradition  is the sequence

I mix and match the colour with my home carefully

work on the spot the pros and cons in a reference

the  building would appear stately

with the solemn hue all the more displays a reverence

the imperious reflection is intoxicating and lovely

the chosen colour would enhance its charm with a difference.

Settled now with the theme and colour in a stroke

I indulge in the cost calculation seriously

lest it should not beat me and initiate a broke

I enquire the dealers about the price immediately

with the quotes from the dealers in the note

I derive the expenditure swiftly

a refresh of the bank balance in a stroke

I decide to go for it squarely.

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action deed. Horse Poetry Speech

Swift —–A Scuttle

swift as a horseIt is a swift turn

sharp as it could be

a jerk and push  on the way

accelerated all through.

It is a swift action

quick as a lightning

all through in a second

speeding all through.

It is a swift speech

sudden and quick

all over in no time

spurting out all through.

It is a swift  look

in a flash and focused

penetrates all the more

scuttles in no time.

Swift like a horse they say

galloping in a trot

the slender legs move fast

a march fast in a way.

Swift you be in all

could make you tall

go about in moderate speed

would design a great deed.

Swift, of late has many more

being the bank code

a name of the car

all so many in the word swift