Poetry roof secure

A Lamb Insecure.

While man runs for life

fearing war and unrest

the fellow men  push him to corners

knows not he where to run

blindfolded he skips and hops

trails and falls down

imperfectly he rises up

not looks back at all

brushes aside his tears

moves on aimlessly

through hills and oceans

against odd weathers

with his  children and wife

pulling together his belongings few

very little to eat and drink

he moves on to find a rooflamb

where he could rest his head down

under a shelter in  the warmth

his cold hands yearn for mercy

his eyes rove about in a  frenzy

at last he espies a kindly face

treads slowly towards the light

not anyway artificial but wholly genuine

clasps the  hand that bids him close

nestles over the  shoulders in relief

walks behind him like a lamb

docile and demure enfolded securely.

Has he found a safe haven?

God alone knows.

compassion. gesture kindness Poetry

The German Gesture

Germany throws open the doors

the migrants cross the floors

the compassion shown is  touching

the love displayed is refreshing

makes one feel and believe

the German gesture gives a relief

kindness is still alive beyond any limit

well, that in short is the human spirit.Germany

peace. pitiable Poetry Syria

The Incredible Woe

It is a move

without a prove

it is a run

not for fun

it is a flee

never with glee

all too soon fall and  fail

yet proceed to seek bail

it is an exodus

very much in  the course

Syrians walk. sail altogether

braving  the tough weather

a pitiable sight to see them

looking very glum

what sins did they commit?

a suffering incredible indeed

our heart breaks into pieces

but lo! finds no peace.150901163142-munich1-large-169