Dining out is a taboo to me leave alone partaking foodwith cutlery.

I eat with my hands, if I ever visit,
n a restaurant, starred hotels.
where the tables are set.

Fork, spoon, knife

beside the plate remain

The joy of mixing rice
with broth and ghee,
rasam and papads,

curd and pickle. the curries

that go with them,
I experience a physical

connection, it is Vedas

Through the thumb comes space
Through the forefinger comes air
Through the mid-finger comes fire
Through the ring finger comes water
Through the pinky finger comes earth

The mind, body and spirit commune
with the food, sensing the temperature,
feeling the contents,  a consistent eating 


Above all, it is your hand,
mind you the right one,
that goes into your mouth
not the cutlery used by others.
Is it not hygienic, that way?