Kinship I cherish

Thinking of the creatures around
as your own, talking to them often
listening to their sounds, I
differentiate a howl from a bark,
a tweet from a shrill cry,
a cheerful buzz from a monotonous hum.

The trees, grass and shrubs
 carry me to a world of pictorial
 grandeur, greenery of the meadows,
 bid me nearby.   Caressing the tuft
 I stand beneath a huge neem tree.
whose shade entices.  Losing balance
my feet stuck in the marshy terrain,  

I hold tight to the trunk, my palm
hurts as the rough exterior
bruises. Blood oozes. I wipe on the bark
red specs  stain the chocolate brown texture.
Experiencing a kinship with these  
 my life turns meaningful,
suffixing a liveliness that
extends grace.