The mother in me surpasses
 every other portfolio.

 My boys come to my mind
 be at home or elsewhere.

They may need this, I conjure
 put efforts to bring them,

Before they ask I do most
fall short when I go out of money.

They were not too many
a handful did creep in

 enough to bring the roof down
 with shouts, screams, and exchanges.

I did resign those times
 with a heaviness.

Misty eyes marked the day

they fluttered with  unmeasurable  velocity

Tainted with blood , my
bitten lips quiver.

Brushing aside both with a smile
I resolve  to keep away from them.

Again, it is the mother in me,
 subtly surfaces.

Placing me in my original track
I forget the count as  how many times
I am back