Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock, continuous
tapping on the door
every morning, keep
me on toes.

The day starts with gentle rap
 it is my maid Sumathy
Her smile enlivens, her  maturity

A deafening tap. it seems
the doors will give off. Velu.
who irons my sarees thunders in.
Enacts a dramatic greeting.

A pause, I return to the door
responding to a soft  knock.
one that is similar to a chirp.
gentle and subdued

My gardener Krishna walks proudly
carrying baskets of tomatoes,
 brinjals and cucumbers, happiness
writ large on his face,

Little later, the driver
barges in. His two-wheeler
hiccups, coughs, belches
before it comes to a stop,

Quick, he is at the door. before
 he could rap, I give the car keys,
 he salutes me in all attention
 a semblance of a military sepoy.

The day commences in a startle
 my assistants attend to their duties,
 I doze off peacefully, stacking my keys
under the pillow. A safety measure


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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