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Catches And Bites

The catches are literally less harming,

The bites are virtually most destroying.

Catches and bites are really tantalizing.



A gentle catch  reflects a loving,

A rude catch gives out a warning,

That much for the face value of catching.



Catch has a distinct meaning as well,

The ploy and the trick  are unfolding,

 A signal   for attention in no mean  calling.



The plan has a quick catch,

The talk proposes a discreet catch,

As the stab indicates a terrible catch.



 A severe bite shows anger,

A moderate bite expresses  bad temper,

But never they are  of pleasing fibre.



 Bites propound a disaster as well,

The indignation and cruelty  explode 

A warning for a catastrophe in the fold.



Scheming has violent bites,

Shattering  all to  tatters and  bites,

Ransacking the existence to a morbid bite.



Catches and bites leave us desperate,

Lending  an air   of exasperate ,

Never an occasion  to reverberate.