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Through The Gateway

The ways to deal with hardships are many,

The methods   to overcome them are many,

The desire to fight with them are many,

The final victory will get accolades many.



As there are ways to surpass the evil,

There are means to silence the devil,

As there are modes to arrest the uprise civil

There are trends to stop the revolt with will.



Massacres  are committed through the gateway,

Terrorism  passes through the gateway,

Thieves slip through the gateway,

Bomb blasts break through the gateway.



Yet gateways are also entry to find operations,

Ships from  far away glide through after observation,

The thoroughfare goes up and down with ordination,

The giant clocks ring and tick during oscillations .



Gateways expose  the country’s progress ,

At times they pose a danger to the progress,

At times they also accelerate the prospective progress,

The inward and outward do  rejuvenate and hamper the progress.