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Adventurous With Food

Daring in your undertakings is adventure,

Fearless  of hazards is also adventure,

Meandering through   dense forest is more than an adventure.

Eating dogs soup in Korea is none the less an adventure.



Food is for sustenance first not for adventure,

Eating is a necessity never a luxury nor an adventure,

The manner you eat shows your behaviour  not your skill in  adventure,

The things you eat delves on your nature never on your risk for adventure.



Tell me your friend ,I will tell you who you are

It is also  what you eat that tells  who you are,

The veggies we eat  signify a class of who we are.

The  meat of pig and dog  expose a breed who we are.



Adventures are dangerous and challenging true,

Adventures in life is to be undertaken in few true,

Adventures consisting of daring events can be appreciated true,

Never will anyone admire consuming food by killing animals is true.