Threats in an Unknown Land.

Threats in an Unknown Land..

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Threats in an Unknown Land.

Living away from home is a strain,

It is nevertheless an exhaustive drain,

Enduring the solitude  with a decorative feign,

Days roll slowly without any gain.

Adding up to the misery of living  away

There arises  series of threats every day,

The burglary in the neighbourhood  keeps  us at bay,

The murder in the marketplace turns us gray.

Holding the breath  with great fear,

Panting heavily in a desolate gear,

Hiding with  concern in the rear,

Waiting for the ultimatum in a shaky queer.

To gather courage one needs steps severe,

To face the threat  one requires boldness near,

To thwart the  danger  one should possess bravery  dear,

To emerge successful one  should display strength revere.

Threats are   very much present at home too,

They do exist in the surroundings too,

But the solace of having the loved ones besides too,

Sends a plausible security with much trust too.