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A Mutiny

A revolt among the powerful,

Dethroning and sacking the rightful,

Establishing and settling the unlawful,

Is a mutiny in general.



A conspiracy in privacy,

Hatching a plot in secrecy,

Executing the ploy in efficiency.

Is a mutiny in particular.



Sometimes mutiny  releases good,

As it uproots the rude,

Brings in the shrewd,

Is a mutiny special.


Most times mutiny despatches illegality,

As it usurps the legality,

Paving the way to  infirmity,

Is Mutiny in regular.


Upheavals are not to be  discarded,

When  they entrust a  record,

For the uplift of the have-nots.

Is a mutiny  in distinction.


Protests are to be applauded,

When they are  for the downtrodden,

Relieving the hearts saddened,

Is a mutiny  in grace.










A Mutiny