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Far- Fetched And Far -Flung

Nurturing thoughts that are ahead of times,

Going about with plans that  bring in chimes,

Opening up  the world to  futuristic rhymes,

Establishing a regime  without crimes,

Are the designs of an intellect  in intricate climbs.



Ideas may sound to be far-fetched,

Executions may appear to be out stretched,

 Methods may look  extremely  etched,

Results may  bring in cheer  in the final sketch,

The intrinsic value is likely to be highly perched.



People may ascribe that it is far-flung,

They may challenge its veracity as low wrung,

They may oppose its enactment  as though it is lowly sung,

They may destroy the scheme as though it is overhung,

No one can put a lock to Man’s tongue.