A Distraction -Much Found

A Distraction -Much Found.

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A Distraction -Much Found

  Extravagance  in behaviour is commonly known .

Exaggeration in speech   is freely borne,

Much ado about nothing  is explicitly shown

Building castles in the air is mostly  blown,

Emphasises  the fallacy of rattling in a possible zone.




Heard an incessant talk  of a friend  in  earnest,

He  did   addition , multiplication   as though in a test,

Beaming with pride  after valuing his assets best,

Holding his head high starts his soliloquy in fine fest,

As though there are none to overtake him lest.


His mind is full off empty   jibes  frivolous

His thoughts bear  bare  ideas nefarious,

His wealth shows a  glittering  malicious,

His prosperity confines to his close nexus,

It  spreads not to any other act gracious.


Haughty he  be  in his interaction,

Cold he be  in his presentation,

Unfair  he be  in  his distribution

Callous  he be  in his perception,

Oh! My friend ,I pity your  distraction.