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By The Grace

Everything happens by the grace of God,

Nothing moves without the blessing of God,

A belief most of us  securely hold.



A rapturous ecstasy fills the air,

A blind faith expresses all care,

A conviction keeps us  fair.



May be lofty idealism that   deign 

May be  inherent customs that  design   

A trust that  makes us  benign.



Living in a world of fortune,

Thoughts joyfully attune,

As they gather  wealthy tune.



Wallowing in an isle of despair,

Intentions sadly prepare,

As they give up hope in scare.



A smooth ride takes us to the fair

A bumpy drive leads us to the bare,

Evolving a sojourn to dare.



A happy take off is a pleasure,

Lifting us to a world of leisure,

As the breeze blows over.



A jerky start  is a disenchantment,

Pushing us to a sordid impediment,

As the storm strikes vehement.



By the grace is a catchy phrase,

Appropriate in terms of glaze,

Inadequate  in means of daze.



Subscribing to Grace in times of merry,

Is but an easy way to marry,

 As  dame luck and faith  tally.



Relating to  grace in periods of  disarray,

Is but a difficult way to carry,

As ill luck and trust are contrary.



By the grace is fine terminology

Not all  traduce by this  theology,

But through  untiring technology.