Tales Keep You Awake

Tales Keep You Awake.

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Tales Keep You Awake

Once upon a time there lived,

So starts the tale vivid,

Telling stories that appear rigid,

Provoking the listener to a frigid.



Once upon a time there was,

The story  opens up  with the cause,

Narrating incidents that induces a toss,

Presenting a terrific clause.



Once upon a time  a  King ruled,

The tale keeps us pulled,

Initiating a depiction in absolute build,

Proposing a grandeur   thoroughly filled .



Once upon a time  people were merry,

So the story glides  effortlessly like a fairy,

Creating an assiduous  cherry,

Imparting a belief that life is now dreary.



Long long ago the  story unfolds ,

To an age of long time holds,

Impelling a strain of sequence in moulds,

Forcing a vigil as the episode rolls.