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Invasion Army

Long back Kings invaded and killed many.

 A little long ago nations invaded and killed thousands.

Day before Tarantulas invaded Assam town and killed two.

Royalty killed out of enmity.

Nations killed because of  greed.

Why do spiders kill?



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Tales Keep You Awake

Once upon a time there lived,

So starts the tale vivid,

Telling stories that appear rigid,

Provoking the listener to a frigid.



Once upon a time there was,

The story  opens up  with the cause,

Narrating incidents that induces a toss,

Presenting a terrific clause.



Once upon a time  a  King ruled,

The tale keeps us pulled,

Initiating a depiction in absolute build,

Proposing a grandeur   thoroughly filled .



Once upon a time  people were merry,

So the story glides  effortlessly like a fairy,

Creating an assiduous  cherry,

Imparting a belief that life is now dreary.



Long long ago the  story unfolds ,

To an age of long time holds,

Impelling a strain of sequence in moulds,

Forcing a vigil as the episode rolls.