Piety Enthrals

A great temple
2000 years old,
not a character of
scenic glamour, but
a symbol of holiness
enveloped in serenity
exploited by unmindful
commercials, inspires awe.

The sculptures on the five gopurams
the well defined Linga named as
Vaidyanatha swamy faces west,
not a familiar feature.
His consort, Thayilnayagi, turns
towards South and their son
Selvamuthu kumaraswamy
smiles facing East, while
Angarakan or Mars sees
towards south.The placements on
the four directions confirm
that God is Omniscient.

A medical prophet,Vaidhyanathar,
the presiding deity
cures 4448 diseases. A dip
in the pond rectifies skin
disorders. The belief is staunch
and the recovery is fast.

The wings of piety rise up,
despite the crude poor upkeep.

“Om Namasivaya’,  fills the air.