It is a variation
of “All Souls day”‘
honouring the dead
called as Tithi
in the vernacular.

Every Hindu
performs a ritual
on the amavasai day
a custom, a tradition
adhered to with fervour.

It is a short ceremony.
A Brahmin conducts
in the temples,
as well in the houses.

An elaborate procedure
takes place on the thithi
of the death of one’s parents.

A goup of brahmanas
invoke the blessings
by reciting the slokas
the son repeats

The preferred vegetables
of the late father or mother,
rice, jaggery, pulses
and liberal cash
are offered to the purohits.

Cooked rice and vegetables
are placed in the garden.
The family waits for the crow
to partake– a sign of acceptance

The son turns happy.  Feels his dad
has blessed him.