Holi Poetry

The Display of Colours —Holi

The display of colours

orange, red and blue

come with a wish true

orange for the blossom

red remarkable for  a caution

the ocean reflects the blue

seen from the sky

so go the colours in a varied spectrum

the yellow, green and pink

the sun’s rays go for yellow

green a sign of prosperity

while the pink a sense

a  caricature of  love

as girls have an inclination

the soft mildness enhance

with that we go along

a speech for so long

cause not a slur

creates an enhancement

one of a tricky tone

well that is a way we win

a success found in colours

I go again with them

red, blue and yellow

come with me to sing

green, red and pink

a great going in a strength

that be it in all its chorus

that be with it in all its ambiguity.Holi