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The Puja In The Indian Household

The flowers for the puja  daily

grown in the garden  almost

the white flower called nandhiyavatta  by most

small and tiny without fragrance entirely

the vilva leaves in three together

tell us of the three eyed God Shiva

the tulasi leaves green and tiny rather

a favourite of Lord Krishna

the arali flowers in different colours

yellow, pink, red and white

placed around the idols collars

render a magnificent sight

the manaoranjitha in deep yellow

spreads a pleasant aroma all around

lends a feel of  divinity with a mellow

come the shoe flowers  in different hues

the little jasmine and pichis  of variety

find their way into the Nithya puja

all plucked  from the garden  directly

twined as a garland or into a string

follows  the lighting up of the oil lamp

that have three or five faces  mostly

the incense sticks lighted enhance the feel with a stamp

come then the sambrani fumes  slowly

rise up and reverberate  the environ

the mantras  are chanted in an order  gently

the hymns are sung  with bhakti

makes the Indian household special

they turn into Pujaa place of divinity  and grace.