The Fire in The Belly

The fire in the belly
Causes a feel really
To perform wonderfully
Perhaps an inspiration solely.

The imminence to act not found
The fire kindles an aptitude that abounds
Which is a motivation that sounds
Like a reminder in the bound.

With the prompt that is electrical
The execution goes almost mechanical
The result is magical
The delight is sensational.

The Subtle Difference.

Anything engineered looks mechanical
with a measurement typical
and the angles in focal
looks exactly radical.

Anything that is a spontaneous outflow
with an emotional flow
and the expressions in toe
appears absolutelydownload (46) a glow.

There is a variation altogether
with a thought and feel in tether
the former is stronger
the latter is soft as a feather.

The thoughtfulness checks with diligence
the spontaneity pours with no reference
that is the only difference
which leads to a sea of inference.

The Balloon Man

The balloon man as he is called affably
passes through our lane without fail
with a whistle and a noise in a trail
that bring every child out possibly

The man halts by the tree
fills the balloons with air
puts them out in display with care
an array of colours promoting glee

The excited children flock to his shop wayside
touch each balloon with their hands tender
want to have not one but,balloon man many a splendour
their face reflects enchantment besides

The seller uses his skill
creates animals of the balloons
inserts a rattle into the fill
that croaks and barks and croons

The children thrilled even more
run home to get few cents
beg their mothers to spare a little more
walk with heads down cause they received a dent.

The balloon man is a human after all
pushes two more liberally into their hands
sets a tone of pleasure and contentment
a good salesman he is with no brand.

The next day he comes along with a usual gusto
children throng around the man with amity
they trust his generosity
a charm he employs every day in the tempo


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