The Squirrel And Ramayana


The squirrels cross my mind often
do also accost me direct
the one I found in Canada
like a big fat hen
looked so robust and strong
both in black and red tone
busy going up and down
gnawing nuts on the way.

The squirrels I see In India
look small and cute
light brown, could I say a mix
of grey and brown in a fix
with prominent stripes on the body
running all over in a mood gay
gnawing fruits on the way.

The stripes I see is peculiar
hold a story strange
attached to a mythology
tagged to the epic Ramayana
where Lord Rama touched the tiny one
the stripes appeared in a sudden
the Lord expressed his gratitude
as the squirrel helped him to win Ravana.

The epic highlights the theme
the smallest one could also render help
a significant illustration of love
a possible interpretation in the course
a symbolic representation of the values
and a point out that small is truly great
the stripes illustrate the theme of beatitude
along with the highest gratitude


The Split And After


An age old couple
are in trouble
so long a lively pair
now in disenchanted fare.

They see not eye to eye
live separated and not shy
the wife remains unbothered
the husband unperturbed.

What might be the reason?
is it because of treason?
be it in the part of one
or be it for only fun.

It could not be fun
as they exactly shun
see they not each other
nor try to resolve rather.

It is unfathomable
more so it is unthinkable
quarrel at the ripe old age
unimaginable at this stage.

They continue to live in such state
Well, in old age that is their fate
forgetting that companionshipa split is the essence
live they without each other’s presence.

The Primary School Next Door


The primary school next to my house
presents a picture of grouse
space very limited for improvement
children stay in without movement
the teachers shout from morn to evening
the children follow with no understanding
it is mechanical, mind you
a recital without a clue
begins with the vernacular
goes with English in a manner jocular
then comes the counting in rote
with the rhymes in a shrieky note
on the whole, it is chaos
till the evening when the little oneshouse turned school bid cheerio
a great relief to me from the din and noise
and to the kids from the venue of their parent’s choice

Peace Attacked


I have lots to do today
not only today but every day.
Hope you have too
Is it one or two?
Tell me without a hide
Do not take me for a ride.
I am not able to hear you clear
Do not mumble, come out without fear.
Well, that be the weakness of all
a murmur and a grumble in call.
That be the design for all of us
Why do we go about with a fuss?Peace flies
With so much to be done every day
why do we talk all day?
Talk leads to gossip in a way.
It becomes a slander in all ways.
The foul words catch fire
seize the entire
terrorism is born unknowingly
peace gets away unseemingly.

One, Two And Three


It was an afternoon
with a sleep all too soon
sat on to work with accounts
went mostly wrong in all counts.

One, two, three I counted diligently
skipped the four inadvertently
added up the credit and debit together
could not tally both altogether.

To fight sleep with a power
I quickly had a shower
came I fresh on to my work again
settled into the pattern of gain.

Did I say gain? that be in a hurry
it was profit and loss both wary.
I fumbled and struggled totally
Accounts are never my ally.

Abandoning the accounts I slept
sound as ever in great depth
came the numbers one, two and three
enough toscr-small-business-accounting-software nag me in a spree.

The Annihilation


I sit in an enclosed room
rather a securely closed house
secure in a sense different
closed in a way equally challenging
Yet I feel insecure
apprehensive rather
scared in a way
frightened in a tone
a stroke here
a beat there
a slam with a force
a slap and a blow
with the blood in my hands
I stand aghast
I stand there at the behest
I stand in a test
it could be for the best
Look, I like a terrorist
Look, I like the one
who killed the guard at Ottawa
who stormed into a cafe at Sydney
who brutally massacred the innocent in Peshawar
Well, in a way, yes
it was seven at one stroke
a striker with a prowess
fearful do I seem
not to prolong anymore
I annihilated seven mosquitoes
altogether in a powerful strike.terrorist

Margali Maha Utsav


With Mid-December comes piety
the routine changes directly
an awake at the early hours
followed by a bath at the wee hours
a quick clean of the front yard
a draw of design in honour of the Lord
kolam as it is known all over
flowers at the middle exudes beauty.

The temples elicit a striking endear
the musical melody enhances the cheer
the diyas modestly throw a light dim
the priests chant the mantras in grim
divinity encircles the surround
devotion overwhelms in an abound
an experience of great enthrallment
Margali extends an exalted attainment.Kolam2_8

Peace On The Street


Today morning I see a bright sun
shining gay and with fun.
Hope it goes through the day
as terrorism Lindt cafe could erupt in the way.
where it could be none can predict?

The apprehension gnaws through the vein
wants to ask is man really sane?
Why does he behave so atrocious?
it is a case of psychological excess
Why this happens none can predict?

With that in mind, a prayer comes across
let us not take any risk in a toss
let us unite together in all earnest
sink the religious adherence at best
Will this bring peace to the streets?