The Imagination Wonderful

The imagination is found no more
as there is a scarcity of thoughts.
it is the fantasy that picks up
a scenery that works up
goes the mind with them
in multiples of tens and hundreds
assigning a glow to the small flower
that otherwise would have gone unnoticed
ascertaining a cheer to the event
which would have passed of as nothing
the volume and intensity go up to create
a wonderful picturesque exuberance
so much to say imagination should be productive
to enhance the glory and bliss around (44)

Wealth of Billions.

It is too much cries she
her face turns red with anger
She is busy like a bee
never once enters into a slander.

Her foes and friends alike
talk about her in length
describe her as a person unlike
portray her as a woman of no strength.

She is lady of authority
stern and disciplined
speaks sense and is positive
reserved and independent.

Her demeanour misleads many
as they find her impossible
she pays attention to details tiny
she is a character all forcible.

She does not aligns with anyone for benefits
if for a cause she be the first
plunging head and soul in an implicit
goes about with an unsaturated thirst.

Women of such calibre are rare
they are found one in a million
yet she could not escape the glare
as she commands a wealth of billions.grantham_downton_abbey

Come Summer – A Relief and a Belief

Come summer
the sun rages high
the place burns hot
an interlude is on the way
found in the festivals
that abound and rebound.

To beat the heat
the people indulge in celebrations
seek a relief in the rituals
as mirth and rejoice divert
the strain of the scorching sun.

The festivals are colourful
with people attired in their best
the deities adorned with jewels
move in a procession with illumination
the devotees following the chariots
chanting with piety Tamilnadu Festival 2013

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill
went up the hill
goes the rhyme
in all its chime.

The way they went up to fetch a pail of water
tells us there was shortage of water
in those places less hotter
the ancient age faced hardships also Jack and Jill matters.

Brush not the nursery rhyme as simple
it illustrates with an example
Jack fell down in a tumble
and broke his crown in a fumble.

Water has turned a rare commodity
with the global warming in the vicinity
foretold in the song of infinity
a caution which signifies great curiosity.

A Great Diet

The nuts and fruits
the vegetables and milk
the oil and spices
plenty of water in addition
go to make up the diet
one of wholesome
one of healthy
with them equally apportioned
hunger is appeased
thirst is quenched
body is rejuvenated
punctuated with the timely intake
along with a preparation loving
No menu is better than this
no recipe is best
a full circle of all these
and a lively exercise
lend Diet-for-High-Blood-Sugar-416x294 a graceful existence

Curiosity or Sneaking

curiousCurious to know about others
not lets out anything of herself
excavates the details from friends
scoops them with aroma
spreads the news with a flavour
then sits back with a complacency.

This is the way she lives
calls every other at odd hours
speaks not of much importance
leaves a bait unobtrusively
pulls the words from the mouth
that is her strength all the day.

She moves about happily
pokes and sneaks
interrogates the near and dear
guards her inner self with care
eavesdrops and spills out
what there is and what there is not.


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