Disenchanting Galore.

Modesty dispelled

Cities are classified according to their importance.

Delhi is the  political capital of India.

Mumbai is the financial capital .

Bengaluru is the hub of Information technology.

Chennai is the Detroit of India.

Coimbatore is the home of textiles.

Kolkatta pops up as the  cultural center.

Pune is a rising city.

Madurai ,the ancient city,  is familiar for its temples,unfamiliar otherwise.

The quint essence of this city is quietness.

It is not affected by any modern alchemy.

It is vulnerable to politics.It is a political  hotspot.

The  first week of August,made Madurai rock and tremble.

Banners and posters were displayed in each and every corner of the city, to welcome the Chief minister of Tamilnadu.

Cut outs of The Chief Minister ,in all postures (Sans his sleeping pose) were put up.Life size figures of his son Alagiri and his family were erected.

In one or two places we could find the portrait of his mother also.

Loud speakers were blasting his praise

Madurai ,from time immemorial ,is called as Meenakshi patinam or City of Meenakshi.

Now  the DMK functionaries have dubbed it as ALagiri Kottai or THe Fort Of ALagiri.

The whole  affair is  full of distaste, The outcome is nauseating.

Does Karunanidhi represent the people?

Is he an elected Chief Minister?


Is he a sovereign power of Tamilnadu?

Has he appointed his sons as  Chieftains ?

Humility pays in the long run.

Audacity claims short lived glory.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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