Daily Archives: December 10, 2016


Amma,they called her
a word synonymous
with bountiful love.

Addressed her as “Iron Lady”
ruthless and rugged she was
in her ways.

Attributions to J. Jayalalitha
a matinee idol turned politician.
A cherubic woman being both
-a lover and a killer.

She was imprisoned twice
not for any heroic deed
as one would presume.

Stayed behind the bars
for hoarding disproportionate assets.

Gold in tolas, silver in kilograms
jewelry in boxes, properties not one or two
but innumerable amassed during her tenure
as Chief Minister Of Tamilnadu.

Been at the helm
for five terms- a full fourteen years,

All being so, she was the “darling” of the people
who went crazy on seeing her,
who immolated themselves
when she was arrested.
incredible as could be.

She was a charmer. Pied piper like
she drew the crowd. Magical it seemed.
Magnificent it was.

Jayalalitha died a few days back.
She was an enigma in life and death.

The symbol of two leaves of her party AIADMK
lies dry on the ground. None to enliven it.

Jayalalitha died a few days back.
Been an enigma in life and death.