Khaja Puja

Bathed and shining
Khaja or elephant stands majestic
An adornment made of red crystals
dazzles on his ivory.
crimson tapestry is slung over.

The mahouth escorts him to the portals .
The priest recites slokas, feeds him
with plantains, coconut and sweets.
The elephant, Mohan, devours them
with delight. Yearns for more.
People take turns and offer him
fruits and sweets.

The greyish black animal glitters,
during the Aarathi ceremony.
People flock around him. Go ecstatic .
Mohan revels in the spotlight.
Indulged, he blesses the devotees.

Mohan represents Lord Ganesha
He  goes  back to his place. The mahout
with loads of gifts, returns pleased.

“Khaja” denotes valour,
“Ko” or the cow signifies wealth,
and “ashwath” or horse prescribes victory.

The three pujas done at a time
brings success and bliss.